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Why WiMAX?
Are you tired of old technology? Meet MAX...Sioux Valley WiMAX. Sioux Valley WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is different from other Internet services. It's mobile, fast, reliable and best of all, it's affordable! This technology has the potential to do to broadband Internet access what cell phones have done to traditional phone access. WiMAX will become the standard technology of choice throughout the country and now it's available to you.

It's Mobile!
Sioux Valley WiMAX allows you to go anywhere in town-the grocery store, the city park, even the local gas station, and use the Internet. Sioux Valley WiMAX is not Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi "hot-spots" only cover a small area, perhaps in a coffee-shop or single business. Sioux Valley WiMAX coverage extends for miles. Sioux Valley WiMAX is also a secure connection, much like the fixed cable or fiber connection in your home.

It's Fast and Reliable!
Sioux Valley WiMAX runs on "licensed" frequencies. This improves reliability and possible interference from other systems Sioux Valley WiMAX offers up to 4 mbps. download speed. The speed and capacity of WiMAX is comparable to more traditional broadband Internet options such as cable and fiber connections.

It's Affordable!
Sioux Valley WiMAX is yours for just $30.95 per month for residential service and $40.95 per month for business service. Click HERE for complete details.

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